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New Car Owners
Did you know? You don’t have to take your new vehicle back to the dealer for servicing to keep your warranty valid – you just have to prove that the service was done in a timely manner! From scheduled maintenance to checkups to tune ups, our oil changes and other services are priced as competitively and in many cases lower than the dealer and are new car warranty approved.

In fact, the only reason your car really needs to go back to the dealer is for no charge warranty work. We will advise you of any warranty concerns as we check your vehicle. We look forward to earning your trust when you give us the opportunity to service your new vehicle.

Why We Do a Free 30 Pt. Inspection with your Oil Change
Today’s cars do not get looked at as often by trained eyes because of self service gas stations and quick lubes. At Cochrane Automotive, we know that an early diagnosis of a problem may prevent more costly repairs later, and that preventative and ongoing maintenance reduces operating costs and keeps you driving a safe vehicle. So, as part of our “value added” service to our customers, we do a free 30 point inspection on all vehicles having Lube, Oil and Filter Service.

We will advise you of any areas that require attention, but rest assured that we will never recommend work that is not needed. We adhere to the strict rule: A car needs what a car needs and nothing more!

Wheel Locks
Many vehicles today come equipped with “wheel locks” to lock the hub caps to prevent theft. Please provide these each time you come in for service, so we can remove your wheels if the service warrants it. Common Storage Areas: glove compartment or in the trunk with the spare tire. Click here to learn more about wheel locks.


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